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Provance IT Service Management Update Includes the Addition of Cloud Service Management Capabilities with Integration to Microsoft Azure

Provance today announced an update to the Provance IT Service Management solution including the addition of cloud service management capabilities with integration to Microsoft Azure—letting IT achieve faster diagnostics, ticket resolution and more efficiently managing services in the Cloud.

The Provance ITSM integration to Microsoft Azure creates a bridge between the two systems, bringing IT the following capabilities: 

  • Auto-populated CMDB: Cloud resources from Azure automatically appear in your CMDB.
  • Consolidated View of Azure Subscription Schema: Azure Subscriptions and Resources Groups are synced and visible inside Provance ITSM.
  • Real-time Online Diagnostics and Configuration Management: Provance ITSM queries the configuration and actual status of Configuration Items in the Cloud on demand.
  • Automatic synchronization of Services: Services, defined in Azure Service Maps, are managed within the CMDB. A visual representation of the service can be shown directly from the Service Desk.

“The Cloud is a big, nebulous thing and it has lots of resources that companies use,” said Per Mikkelsen, VP of Products and Partner Services at Provance. “Whether IT wants to or not, they’re going to be given the challenge to manage the resources in the cloud that their company uses. With the integration to Azure, Provance ITSM makes this challenge easier—letting IT know where and how cloud resources are being used, helping them make better decisions, resolve issues and manage the company’s resources more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Provance IT Service Management is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365® and leverages your existing Microsoft investments, integrating with Microsoft management, productivity and cloud solutions such as Office 365®, Power BI™, Visual Studio Team Services, OMS, System Center and now Azure. With Provance ITSM, you can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, security and reliability of the Dynamics 365 platform.


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