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Provance® Releases Major Update to ServiceTeam® ITSM Enterprise

Provance® today announced a major update release of ServiceTeam® ITSM Enterprise, which has several high impact enhancements for Service Desk and Service Delivery to better serve agents, managers, and end-users.

“This ServiceTeam ITSM Enterprise release focuses on enriching the agent experience with Productivity Panes as well as expanding our ITIL capabilities to include Event Management,” said Roger Labelle, Director of Product Management. “These enhancements will provide greater productivity, better communications, and more effective time-saving features for users.”

ServiceTeam ITSM Enterprise 2.0 enhancements include:

Productivity Panes within Tickets

  • Provides a 360-degree view of all the information an agent needs to quickly assess and respond to a customers’ incident or request.
  • Helps agents keep focus on the ticket and customer they are helping without leaving the ticket to see other related details and activities, improving efficiency, reducing clicks, multiple open windows and time spent searching, resulting in increased agent productivity and satisfaction.
  • Types of Productivity Panes include Activities, Events, Contacts, Accounts, Services and Knowledge, and can be configured so agents only get the data they need maintaining ticket focus.

Event Management

  • Powerful Event Management capabilities allow for device-level alerts from monitoring tools to be standardized and processed into events in real-time, no matter the original format.
  • The events can automatically trigger processing, for example, notify team members, create a ticket or change requests, allowing for proactive action and fast responses to end users and customers.
  • Event Management supports out-of-the-box connectors to Azure Monitor, N-able N-central, Martello Vantage DX, and more via the Provance Services Platform (PSP).

More Power BI reports

  • More in-depth coverage of service desk practices, including change management, problem management and event management.
  • Dynamically explore more information by drilling down into focused reports.

Research Center within Knowledge Centered Service

  • Within a centralized research center, agents can easily search across a range of different entities, including knowledge articles, known errors, announcements, change notices, request offerings, resource profiles, and tickets.
  • Having this information easily searchable and available to agents, improves agent productivity, allows for better self-service, and expands on existing end-user focused portal knowledge capabilities.

Service Mapping

  • Service Mapping allows configuration items to be mapped to the services they support, and the associated service layer to be defined.
  • Tickets, which are created through event management, automatically identify impacted services and configuration items, providing agents with immediate Service Impact Analysis.

DevOps Integration Enhancements (Azure DevOps and Jira)

  • Supported under both tickets and change management.
  • Operates bi-directionally, allowing developers to create tickets and changes resulting in greater efficiency.
  • Provides a customizable list of project settings including areas, iterations and work item types that can be used.

Enhanced Service Definitions within the Service Catalog

  • The service catalog now supports even more metadata to be collected and made available to agents, change managers and service delivery managers.
  • Additional data includes key contacts, business processes, value propositions and communication practices.
  • A Service Configuration Definition allows multiple instances of a service to share documented external dependencies which may not be part of your CMDB.
  • Consolidated service information lets important information be easily found and leveraged by everyone, which helps ensure decisions are made with the complete and latest information.

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