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IT Service Management: Discover Provance ITSM Service Desk: How to Onboard a New Employee

This is the third blog post in our Discover Provance ITSM Service Desk series about how IT can onboard a new employee using the Provance ITSM Service Desk. If you haven’t already, please read our first blog post, which contains some introductory information regarding Provance ITSM and delves into how Tier 2 can evaluate tickets better and our second blog post about how Tier 1 can manage incidents better.

In this user scenario, I am a Tier 1 and I received a service request from Alan Turing to onboard a new user, Kevin Flynn. Although, I would rather he went through the self-service portal, Alan Turing sent me the request via email instead, so I have to open the ticket. Since I just finished resolving an incident, I’m already on my Provance ITSM Service Desk dashboard. So, I select Ticket in the left-hand navigation and then click on New Ticket. Next to the Contact field, I click on the magnifying glass and select Alan Turing from the drop-down list. From the Ticket Template field, I select New Employee Request (see screenshot below).

Even though I opened up this ticket on my own, the ticket template capability ensures each ticket aligns to a common standard, making sure that I collect the necessary information to be able to resolve issues, fulfill requests or report on the tickets. Ticket templates can also kick off automations—so I don’t have to waste time on repetitive, low-skilled tasks—as well as kick off SLAs, which help me to prioritize my day and ideally meet expectations regarding resolving issues or implementing services.

After selecting the ticket template type—New Employee Request—I hit save. I click on the Log and Categorize stage in the Business Process Flow to continue with the Service Request process. And it looks like I’ve filled out all the required fields, so I click Next Stage, and the service request I just created will appear and I select it (see screenshot below). 

Since the New Employee Rquest ticket template was set up with a series of questions and answers necessary for the completion of a new employee request, I select the question and responses tab and begin to fill out all the answers (see screenshot below). 

Once, the answers are filled in I can continue on with completing this Service Request. By using the Ticket Template capability, I accelerate Ticket Creation and ensure the proper data is captured from the customer. And providing a consistent request process will greatly improve customer satisfaction. 

And that’s it for this blog post. Watch our Provance ITSM Service Desk webinar


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