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Key ServiceTeam ITSM Benefits

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Evolve with Microsoft Technologies and Leverage the Best

Imagine service management as a strategic driver of success within your business­­—quick, nimble, and evolving to take full advantage of the Microsoft technologies that run your business. Conceived in the Microsoft Power Platform, ServiceTeam is a Power App that leverages Power BI—to provide you with intelligent insight and the answers you need to exceed expectations—and Power Automate for automated flows, so you’re more productive.

ServiceTeam depends on Microsoft Dataverse to provide you with a single source of truth, eliminate data duplication and ensure your teams are working with the latest and greatest. ServiceTeam leverages Azure, Power BI, Office 365, Azure InTune, Azure DevOps, System Center and more. By utilizing the Microsoft technologies you already have in-place, you can take advantage of existing skillsets and investments. Everything you need to exceed client expectations profitably, resides within ServiceTeam and the Microsoft technology stack.

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Support Business Growth

What if your ITSM solution saved costs and helped drive business? Since ServiceTeam is truly native to the Microsoft ecosystem, sharing the same digital DNA as your current Microsoft platforms, products and processes, you can eliminate the need for painful integrations and expensive customizations. ServiceTeam is designed to put critical information and data at your fingertips, letting you respond quickly, accurately and cost-effectively to issues and requests. At-a-glance, you can see issues, services, escalations, Timeline Insights, Ticket Service Metrics, SLAs, history, a 360-degree view of your customer, and more—letting you be more productive. And when issues erupt, you can resolve them faster, even before your customers notice.

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Get Answers and Intelligent Insight

Enriched analytics right out-of-the-box. ServiceTeam doesn’t just give you intelligent insight, it provides the answers you need to achieve great customer service without impacting the bottom line. ServiceTeam leverages Power BI to give you visually stunning dashboards and reports that communicate effectively and deliver intelligent ITSM insights and answers to managers and key stakeholders. With ServiceTeam, you’ll gain clarity, visibility and a 360-degree view of your service environment and customers. Plus, you can easily create your own Power BI dashboards and reports to capture data and insights particular to your unique business scenario.



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Exceed Agent and Customer Expectations

Exceeding expectations reflects on you, which is why we engineered ServiceTeam with your service team and customers in mind. ServiceTeam lets you leverage familiar Microsoft tools, such as Office 365 and Power BI, to provide personalized, modern and high-touch interactions without impacting the bottom line. ServiceTeam is ITIL-aligned, letting you easily leverage ITSM best practices and processes.

ServiceTeam simplifies the agent interaction by allowing service agent actions to define the trajectory of a ticket, so they can respond faster to customer issues and requests. As a multi-tenant solution, ServiceTeam also lets MSPs configure based on different customer requirements, yet still profit from standardization, automation, repeatable processes, and structured service offerings—keeping operational costs low and making the day-to-day lives of your service teams easier and your customers more than satisfied.

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Go Beyond Case Management and Improve Service Delivery

Rather than relying on a generic case management solution, ServiceTeam lets you standardize, categorize and track incidents and service requests for faster and more effective resolution. Employ automated touchless service requests and configure automations to handle simple and repetitive tasks. Standardize tickets through a ticket template process. Streamline operations and empower agents with prioritized and critical information at their fingertips. Set-up Ticket Service Metrics and SLAs to ensure customers receive the best service, promptly. Streamline operations to be more customer-centric, driving repeat business, while keeping costs low.

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Achieve Maximum Flexibility

Adapt to changing business needs without delay. ServiceTeam’s codeless configuration means that you can adapt quickly, without requiring expensive customization or a battery of outside experts, saving time and money. Easily create and modify forms, templates, automations, and workflows as needed, all without coding. Plus, ServiceTeam was built with scalable work situations in mind. As you evolve and grow, ServiceTeam can progress alongside you since the ServiceTeam editions have been designed to meet your ITSM requirements based on your size, maturity and structure.

Key Capabilities

Take Advantage of ServiceTeam ITSM productivity-boosting capabilities for improved satisfaction and cost-efficiencies.


Codeless Configuration

Codeless configuration means you can adapt quickly, without requiring expensive outside experts, saving you time and money while providing affordable IT services your business needs today.



Programmatically execute tasks, activities and data manipulations—reducing errors and increasing efficiency.


ITSM Dashboards and Reports

Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports lets you monitor operations, balance workloads, spot trends and analyze historical information.


Self-Service Portal

See announcements, search a categorized knowledgebase, raise tickets, deploy surveys, and more.

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