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IT Service Management: Discover Provance ITSM Service Desk: How Tier 1 can Manage Incidents Better

This is the second blog post in our Discover Provance ITSM Service Desk series about how Tier 1 can manage incidents better. If you haven’t already, please read our first blog post, which contains some introductory information regarding Provance ITSM and delves into how Tier 2 can evaluate tickets better using the Provance ITSM Service Desk.

In this user scenario, I am Tier 1 support. An employee, Alan Turing, has decided to call because they are unable to synchronize passwords. From my Provance ITSM Service Desk dashboard, I go to Tickets in the left-hand navigation and click on New Ticket.

I fill out the form, including Alan’s name and other contact info, plus a title and brief description of the issue. Fields that are mandatory will have an asterisk. Since he called me, I set the origin field to phone. Then, in the categorization section, I select the Account Management service and the types of categories this issue falls under. This will later provide the reference to the service and the additional details needed for analysis regarding the exact nature of the ticket and the assistance needed. And finally, I set the urgency and impact, so I can know and understand the priority of this issue related to my other assigned tickets and tasks.

Once all necessary details and fields are filled out, I click on the Log and Categorize stage in the business process flow. Notice how many of the fields that I filled out have carried through in the drop down? I cannot progress in the Business Process Flow until I choose a Ticket Type. So, I’m going to do it within the drop-down window and I choose Incident (see screenshot below).

Now that everything is filled out, I click on Next Stage to progress. After hitting the Next Stage button, the Business Process Flow gives me the option to create an incident. Once I click create, it then brings up an Incident form, with all the fields filled out of information that was already collected when I first created the ticket. I need to save the Incident, and now I’m within Incident Management, and I’m on the Investigate stage.

Since there is an SLA assigned based on the incident type (which we pre-determined), the Response Due and Resolution Due countdown timers start immediately.

Now, I need to look up any knowledge articles to see if there’s any relevant information or instructions on how to resolve this issue. So, I click on the Activities and Knowledge tab (see screenshot below). As you can see, I’m presented with some automatically generated relevant knowledge articles.

Right at the top looks to be the exact knowledge base article I need. I click it on and read through. I message Alan Turing that I have a resolution. Once the resolution has been completed I can Resolve and Close this incident.

Watch our Provance TSM Service Desk webinar or stay tuned for our next blog post in this series, how to onboard an employee.


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