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IT Service Management: How to turn Office 365 Service Information into Provance ITSM Notifications

First, let me explain what a Provance ITSM notification is—it’s a communication tool that lets the Service Desk tell users important information across Provance ITSM and the self-service portal. Here is a screenshot of a Provance ITSM notification:

Provance ITSM notifications can be used, for example, to remind agents to complete steps to ensure quality and consistent information, or to tell employees about a service outage thereby deflected tickets about a known issue. All-in-all, used properly, Provance ITSM notifications can reduce the Service Desk workload.

So, now that you understand what a Provance ITSM notification is, let’s switch to the reason you’re here—to learn how to turn Office 365 Service Information into Provance ITSM notifications.

Currently in Microsoft Office 365, there is the capability of monitoring possible issues affecting the services. You can see possible issues within the “Health” menu in the Office 365 Admin Center. Here’s a screenshot of it:

As you can see in the screenshot, it’s giving a “hint” that there might be users who are complaining of issues with Skype for Business, as it shows 1 incident and 1 advisory. However, to monitor via this Health dashboard, is reactive because it can only advise after a user has complained already, which is not ideal. It’s better to have a more proactive approach.

This is where the Provance ITSM toolbox comes in. Provance ITSM makes it possible for IT organizations to react upfront and notify users that services have been affected. Provance ITSM reads this Office 365 Health information and brings it in as a notification automatically. This allows you to see Service limitations or degradations as early as possible without leaving Provance ITSM and you’ll also be able to respond proactively.

This recording shows how to build the capability, including the scripts needed.


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