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IT Service Management: How to use Azure Watchers to Integrate your Third-Party On-Premise Monitoring Solution with Provance ITSM

Let’s start with a scenario. The Service Desk gets a high-priority email because Jane Doe in Accounting can’t access her ERP application. It’s the 23rd email that they’ve received about this very issue, that’s on top of the 10 tickets that have been logged wondering when the service will be restored regardless of the notification in the self-service portal, and already impatient calls have started to roll in. But what if the Service Desk knew about a service going down, the moment it happens? What if they could proactively fix the issue?

While Provance ITSM has out-of-the-box connectors to Azure Monitoring, we recognize that there are still many legacy applications running on-premise. This is where leveraging Azure Watchers to integrate your third-party monitoring solution to Provance ITSM can help. You can set up Azure Watchers to trigger a notification or an incident to be created, proactively notifying the Service Desk that there is a problem. Now, watch this video to find out how. I’ve also attached Runbooks in the Zip file HERE


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