To increase return on investment and effectiveness, industry experts are advising that it is better to take a “best of platform” approach over siloed “best of breed” point solutions because the former approach lets you extend value and reduce costs through the platform. Built on Microsoft Dynamics® 365, Provance® ITSM is native to the Microsoft ecosystem and infused with the same digital DNA as the Microsoft platforms, products, and processes that drive your success today. By unifying onto a platform, you can achieve more insights, innovation, business agility, and take smarter actions that will save you money on your path to the modern world of work.

Benefits of the Platform

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics® 365

Provance ITSM runs natively within Dynamics 365, as such, you can take advantage of next generation technologies that will help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s service management challenges. The world of work has shifted. Provance ITSM was born in Dynamics 365 and therefore, born in the Cloud. Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities, delivering applications that work seamlessly together, letting you run your entire operations on the leading service platform. As a result, with Provance ITSM, you’ll get features such as nimble out-of-the-box codeless configurations and intelligent automations that will deliver flexible, cost-effective IT services to enhance, not impede, your organization’s forward momentum.

Enhanced with Microsoft Power Apps®

Power Apps empowers innovators to modernize processes and solve challenges with the ability to easily build professional low-code applications. Provance ITSM leverages Power Apps to bring you role-based capabilities that put relevant and important information, data and responsibilities in one area based on an employee’s role. Shared data is presented in different ways depending on the needs of the different roles. Completely and easily configurable, the role-based views can be further tailored to the needs of your specific organizational processes.

Connect with Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate lets you automate workflows, synchronize files, collect data and get notifications between various Microsoft and non-Microsoft services. With Power Automate, you can easily streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes, leaving you the time to take care of what’s important. Simplify and automate approval processes with an in-email approval button. Automate time-consuming tasks between services—letting the built-in AI capabilities do the manual tasks you don’t want to do. As a low code platform for workflow and process automation, Power Automate gives you a better way to get things done—no need to code.

Analyze with Microsoft Power BI®

Make confident business decisions utilizing the Power BI integration to Provance ITSM to create visually stunning reports that communicate effectively and delivery powerful ITSM insights to your own team, managers and key stakeholders. Power BI is a data and report authoring tool that allows you to combine data from databases, files and web services. Power BI has built-in AI capabilities, tight integration to Excel, and prebuilt and custom data connectors. Engineered with an in-depth integration to Power BI, Provance ITSM lets you get up-to-the-minute ITSM analytics, and configure any data, in any way, and anywhere, so everyone is making the greatest decisions with the most recent information.

Exceed with Microsoft Office 365®

Empower internal teams, improve your end-user’s experience, and exceed customer service expectations by using tools that are familiar to everyone—Word, Excel®, OneNote®, SharePoint®, Outlook® and Microsoft Teams®– which boosts productivity, improves team collaboration, and delivers easily creatable and customizable documents and reports. Enable full ITSM features directly from Outlook. Simply processes leveraging SharePoint to store OneNote files. Leverage Excel to track or report on change requests, service requests, incidents or even assets, without ever leaving Provance ITSM. Office 365 is designed to help you achieve more.

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams®

Microsoft Teams lets you chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. Today’s workplace is defined less by your physical location and more by the environment where collaboration and teamwork flourishes.

Microsoft Dataverse (Formerly Common Data Service and Model)

The Microsoft Dataverse is the backbone of Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Teams and Provance ITSM, providing secure and cloud-based storage for your data. As a single source of truth, the Microsoft Dataverse reduces errors from data duplication and ensures your employees are working with the latest and greatest information.

Manage Cloud Services for Azure®

Turn data into information and change how Azure Cloud resources are managed. Provance ITSM lets you effectively and quickly manage Cloud Services directly from within Provance ITSM. The Azure Governance integration also gives visibility into individual Azure Cloud Resources compliance to organizational policies—all within a single console. Read more about Cloud Service Management for Azure.

Managing Compliance in the Cloud

Managing complex compliance regulations can be tough. Learn about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is compliant to regulations such as HIPAA, Section 508 VPATS and FERPA.

Key Capabilities

Take Advantage of Provance ITSM productivity-boosting capabilities for improved satisfaction and cost-efficiencies

Codeless Configuration

Easily tailor Provance ITSM to your own specific business processes without coding and scripting.


Programmatically execute tasks, activities and data manipulations—reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Dashboards and Reports

Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports lets you monitor operations, balance workloads, spot trends and analyze historical information.

PinkVerify™ Certified for 11 ITIL® Processes

Organized by standard ITIL process areas, such as Incidents, Change Requests and Configuration Items, Provance ITSM holds the prestigious PinkVerify certification for 11 ITIL processes.

Ready to Get Started

At Provance, we go out of our way to bring you great service. That’s in our digital DNA. Your IT success is our success.