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Powered by Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Built for Microsoft Partners, by a Microsoft partner, Provance ITSM is infused with the same digital DNA as the very same Microsoft eco-system that Microsoft Customers and Partners depend on every day. Provance ITSM runs natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, providing the exact same flexibility, capabilities and usability benefits that you already receive. Leading experts agree that by consolidating your business operations on a single platform, you can achieve more insights, innovation, business agility and take smarter actions that will save you money.  Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and Microsoft Dataverse let you say goodbye to application and data silos, while extending value and reducing costs. Provance ITSM lets Microsoft Partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) utilize a multi-tenant service management solution to get a 360 degree view of all their customers, while also easily building on the familiarity of the Microsoft products they use to run their businesses. From Office 365 to Azure to Power Apps and Power BI—no other ITSM solution is supported by the depth of innovative platform technology that Microsoft delivers.

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ITSM Dashboards and Reports

Provance ITSM out-of-the-box dashboards and reports lets you monitor operations, balance workloads, spot trends and analyze historical information. Analytical reports allow you to identify key issues, such as the root cause of errors and failures and take immediate action, preventing additional downtime, loss and multiple incidents as a result. Efficiency reports give visibility into how long it takes for resolution and departmental efficiency. Plus, Word and Excel template functionality lets you collect, aggregate and present data and customer service details, while the integration to Power BI lets you create visually stunning reports, which give you greater insights into the performance of your business and customer satisfaction across applications. Provance ITSM at work: Wipfli leveraged Provance ITSM dashboards and views as well as Power BI to achieve a holistic view of their business, improving reporting efficiency and decision making.

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To increase efficiency and improve responsiveness, you can automate frequent and repetitive processes. Without coding you can easily create business process flows and workflows to execute activities, tasks and data manipulations that would otherwise require human effort. The Provance ITSM automation streams capability let you configure complex workflows that can involve many automated and manual activities and tasks. Long running workflows such as onboarding customers can include pre-and post-step activities, time dependencies, and manual steps within a single stream. Automations can also run in parallel or with serial branches. Automation streams configuration is all codeless, letting you create touchless service requests, which only notify you if there is an issue or error. Read about a real-world example, Wipfli leveraged automation streams for onboarding, provisioning and deprovisioning processes.

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ITSM Codeless Configuration

Tailor Provance ITSM to your own specific processes, policies and structure. Provance ITSM is not only highly extensible, but you can also make changes and modifications without coding and scripting. Graphical interfaces make it possible to add and edit data entities and fields, create and edit forms, and create business rules to automate actions based on specified conditions. Business process workflows are completely customizable while helping you to ensure the most important information is collected. With Provance ITSM, you can go from good to great by implementing standardized processes and automations to reduce operating costs, but when modifications are called for, you can easily configure based on customer requirements. Provance ITSM Code-Free Configuration at work: 10th Magnitude Builds a Managed Service Business from the Ground Up.

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PinkVerify™ Certified for 11 ITIL® Processes

Provance ITSM holds the prestigious PinkVerify certification. Provance ITSM is organized by standard ITIL process areas, such as Incidents, Change Requests and Configuration Items. PinkVerify is an internationally recognized IT Service Management assessment service, created by The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is the de facto global standard for IT Service Management. The Pink Verify accreditation provides independent verification that Provance ITSM has achieved a level of alignment with the ITIL processes, through its workflows, functionality, terminology and documentation. For a real-life example of how an MSP relied on Provance ITSM ITIL® processes, visit 10th Magnitude Builds a Managed Service Business from the Ground Up.

Incident Management Screenshot

Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Request Fulfillment

Provance ITSM lets you gain ITIL® best practices for services-centric IT processes right from the get-go. Optimized for different needs and different functions, intuitive dashboards and business process flows increase efficiency and reduce time spent. Automated issue escalation and auto routing of incidents and service requests ensure a faster resolution with minimal end-user effort. Step-by-step guidance reduces errors and produces consistency. ITSM Notifications across ITSM entities inform Service Desk users and ensure important information is captured before activities or tasks are completed. Provance ITSM at work: Microsoft Office Engineering provides incident and problem resolution, change control and service requests—receiving 20,000 help-desk tickets per month.

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IT Asset Management

IT Assets are the foundation upon which all IT services are built. Enormous synergy and economies of scale can be realized by combining and consolidating these overlapping processes, technologies and data. Provance IT Asset Management lets you take control of costs and reduce risk with the management of assets across the entire life cycle, from request to disposal. Read more about Provance IT Asset Management, which is available integrated to Provance ITSM, or as a standalone application powered by Power Apps or Dynamics 365.

Self-Service Portal Image

ITSM Self-Service Portal

Effectively and efficiently inform end-users with available services and assets as well as notifications about known issues, knowledge, current events, and company news. Deflect tickets and provide your customers with an intuitive way to efficiently and effectively resolve common and minor IT issues. Provide incident and service request tracking without causing confusion and frustration (for a real-world example, visit the Wipfli Success Story). The Provance ITSM Self-Service portal is fast, responsive, lightweight and completely configurable. You can also brand and tailor the self-service portal for each of your customers.

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ITSM Time Tracking

Increase profitability and gain insight into the “what’s happening” with customer accounts and employee activity by easily tracking time spent against incidents, service requests, change requests and problems. ServiceTeam ITSM lets you record time spent, categorize activities by work types, and mark time as billable or non-billable. You can also establish an approval process, so no time gets billed to a client without authorization, ensuring that customer invoices meet contractual requirements.

Knowledge Management Screenshot

Knowledge Management

Easily create knowledge base articles and publish to the self-service portal and to internal teams. Provance ITSM automatically suggests articles during data entry resulting in faster service and improved end-user satisfaction. There is no need to navigate to different areas to look for articles as tickets also display links to relevant articles—giving you the information you need right within the same view. You can also import or connect to third-party knowledge bases. We know MSPs rely on knowledge management to reduce costs and deliver first-rate customer service to their customers. Structured processes allow for easy creation and approval of new knowledge articles and you have control over who sees what, both from the customers side and within your service team.

Service Level Management Screenshot

SLA Management

While important to everyone, we have engineered specific SLA capabilities as compliance and fulfillment are the backbone of successful customer-centric business services. Organize your client agreements into actionable tasks and rules. Countdown clocks, color-coded icons, escalations and notifications warn of impending SLA breaches, keeping you on task and letting you determine issue resolution priority based on the service level required. Incident assignments, holds and duration within support tiers are visually displayed, allowing agents and management to quickly view status of SLA events, resolution targets and more.

Release and Deployment Screenshot

Release and Deployment Management

Plan, schedule, manage and control software releases and configuration changes through the various stages and environments. Provance ITSM lets you facilitate internal and external communications, keeping software updates and deployments organized, and therefore on-time and on-budget. Relentless configuration changes may be managed as part of a release and deployment process. The real-time integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps, helps break down the silos between the Development and the Services teams, streamlining communications and reducing time spent on problem resolution.

Service Catalog Management Screenshot

ITSM Service Catalog

The Provance ITSM service catalog lets you easily and effectively maintain accurate information—from the services offered to service criticality to customer benefits to critical dates—all within a single view. The service health dashboard displays key measurements by service, giving you a snapshot of the health of all the services. Plus, service mapping lets you see a quick visualization of the hierarchy between a business service and its technical services. The Provance ITSM Service Catalog also lets you offer common or unique services to your customers. Provance ITSM at work: Microsoft Services DevOps chooses Provance ITSM for a rapidly changing world.

Provance ITSM Ticket Management Screenshot

Tickets and Ticket Templates

Provance ITSM lets you easily triage incoming tickets to determine priority, urgency and issue type (incident, problem, change or service request). By using  Provance ITSM Ticket Templates  you can apply standardization and automation to ticket processing—speeding up the processes of triage, assignment routing,  and resolving tickets, while also ensuring that tickets opened in a freestyle format can still be aligned to a common standard. There is also the ability to define a set of questions and answers to ensure accurate, reportable and timely data acquisition. MSPs can also take advantage of the ability to uniquely leverage the ticket template capability per customer, including differentiating templates, segmentation and routing depending on your unique customer needs. For a real-world example, visit 10th Magnitude Builds a Managed Service Business from the Ground Up.

Leverage the Microsoft Cloud with Deep Integration to Microsoft Technologies.

Leverage the Microsoft Cloud with Deep Integration to Microsoft Technologies

As the most Microsoft-centric ITSM solution on the market, Provance ITSM leverages all three of the Microsoft Clouds: Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure. Whether you are a Microsoft Customer or Partner (MSP, SI, ISV, CSP, etc.), you can take advantage of an array of built-in connectors to various Microsoft and non-Microsoft products, including, Azure Monitor, Azure Intune, System Center, Power BI, Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory, Jira, SolarWinds and more.  With Provance ITSM, the integration to Microsoft technologies often runs deeper than other ITSM solutions, for example, Provance ITSM and Dynamics 365 offers full integration with Outlook such as the tracking of emails, tasks, and appointments.  In addition, product and platform extensibility is supported by leveraging Power Apps and Power Automate, which let you build customized business apps and connect Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps and data to Provance ITSM.

Microsoft System Center Connector Screenshot

Microsoft System Center Connector

Out-of-the-box connectors lets you automatically integrate data from System Center for better management:

System Center Operations Manager

  • Allows network device definitions to create CIs and infrastructure assets for both IT Asset Management and IT Service Management.

System Center Operations Manager Alerts

  • Adds Operations Manager alerts to ITSM events, allowing incidents to be created automatically.

System Center Configuration Manager

  • Allows discovered computers to create CIs and computer assets for both IT Asset Management and IT Service Management
Microsoft Azure Monitor Screenshot

Microsoft Azure Monitor

The out-of-the-box Microsoft Azure Monitor Connector provides you with a real-time, automated and bi-directional integration with Provance ITSM. Azure Monitor alerts will automatically create ITSM tickets (incidents, change requests or problems). Alerts can also be associated with ticket templates to trigger automations such as Azure Automations, Power Shell Scripts, Orchestrator runbooks or any other automations enabled in Provance ITSM. All Azure Monitor created Provance ITSM Incidents and related Configuration Items (CIs) can be viewed within Azure Monitor, providing administrators with greater insight and a historical record of incidents and change requests to continuously fine-tune how alerts should be treated. And once a ticket is resolved, both Azure Monitor and Provance ITSM will keep a record, giving you more accuracy, efficiency and better management of problems.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Screenshot

Microsoft Azure DevOps Integration

Reduce time spent, streamline communications and solve problems more quickly by breaking down the silos between DevOps and the Services teams with the real-time integration between Provance ITSM and Microsoft Azure DevOps. ITSM related tasks can be populated directly into Azure DevOps, while developers also easily track and provide updates on their work items back to the Services team through Provance ITSM.

The Power of the Platform

Spanning the Microsoft Power Platform, Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Standalone Applications

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