Provance ITSM for Government

Stay ahead of always-evolving departmental IT needs by eliminating costly integrations and consolidating business applications on a single, modern platform. 

IT leaders in Government have been fighting the same battle for years; multiple information streams. Each department has their own applications, systems, and processes, meaning IT is responsible for monitoring, supporting, and maintaining all of them individually. This puts a ton of stress on human and financial resources.

And since Traditional ITSM practices aren’t supported by modern capabilities like the cloud, support remains reactive, services remain sluggish and communications broken. Modern IT Service Management, unlike traditional IT models, moves IT towards easier, more cost-effective solutions. This means using data-driven analytics to cut waste, improve processes, and enhance overall service for end users.

It’s time for government agencies to modernize and use data-informed decision making to promote collaboration and deliver superior IT experiences.

With built-in flexibility to meet the unique needs of each department in your agency and being PinkVerify™ certified for 11 ITIL® processes, Provance IT Service Management—powered by Microsoft Dynamics® 365—helps you streamline processes cost-effectively with out-of-box capabilities such as code-free configuration, a self-service portal and automation. Provance ITSM helps IT provide an improved experience for both internal employees and external constituents.

Provance ITSM and Dynamics 365 gives you:

  • Increased transparency of IT Service delivery, optimizing both employee and IT resource productivity and experience.
  • Centralized dashboards to unify departments providing relevant, real time information for better, faster decision making.
  • Integration with existing Microsoft technologies, so you can leverage existing investments and streamline new processes.
  • Predictive analytics to help provide insights into resource overutilization or shortfalls.
  • Disaster recovery, automation of repetitive tasks and processes, and rapid response.
  • Full visibility, auditing, and control of cloud applications within Azure.

Key Provance ITSM Benefits for Government

Centralized Dashboards

Shifting to Provance ITSM and Dynamics 365 helps to remove departmental barriers by breaking down data silos, giving IT better reporting, visibility and ownership of services end-to-end.

Proactive, Data Driven Decision-Making

Rely on real-time data, allowing for proactive, rather than reactive, support. Respond quickly, accurately and cost-effectively by having all knowledge and important information in one spot. At-a-glance, you can see issues, services, related assets, escalations, SLAs, cloud resources, history and more.

Streamlined Efficiencies

Lay a foundation for a strong collaboration between the Dev and Ops teams. Clean data, streamlined workflows, and automations improve the way information is collected, consolidated, categorized and analyzed across departments and agencies—increasing effectiveness and cost-efficiencies. Since Provance is PinkVerified for 11 ITIL® processes, you can be assured that you’re following a proven process for better service delivery.

Increased Information Quality

Leverage existing technologies and data—from Cortana Intelligence to System Center to PowerApps—and provide a single, relevant view, allowing staff to make data-driven decisions. Robust reporting surfaces trends, allowing for improved service and better automation.

Eased Burdens and Improved Experience

Do more with already-tight government budgets by easing employee workloads with self-service portals that deflect tickets, single-view dashboards, which at-a-glance give you the most important information, and automations, which remove repetitive and simple tasks from the workday. 

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