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Modernize ITSM: Transform Digitally and Move from Being Costly to Valued


It’s an interesting and challenging time to be in IT service management (ITSM). We’re in the midst of a digital revolution, that many call the fourth industrial revolution, where leaders are inventing the future instead of trying to predict it. Investment in digital transformation technology by businesses is skyrocketing, while traditional investment in IT is shrinking.

Cloud and SaaS applications are purchased and acquired directly by business units – in part because traditional ITSM was focused more on control than on agility – and, consequently, IT is often bypassed as businesses digitally transform on their own in separate silos.

So, what’s IT to do? That’s what this three-part series on modernizing ITSM will focus on answering. This first post is going to delve into the why and the how for a digital transformation in ITSM...

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