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Provance ITSM: Why Transition ITSM to Modern Service Management

Let’s delve into some of the facets of Modern Service Management and why ITSM needs to be modernized.


Modern Service Management, coined in early 2016 by Microsoft Enterprise Services, is not a framework, certification/training model, or a means to generate revenue. Nor is it a marketing campaign from Microsoft. In fact, at the time, it was more of an internal call to arms to assist customers in modernizing IT, in support of Microsoft’s former “Cloud First, Mobile First” strategy, and more so, our “Intelligent Cloud/Intelligent Edge” strategy. With Modern Service Management defined as:

“A lens intended to focus service management experts, around the globe, on the most important outcomes that evolve our customers from legacy, traditional IT models to an easier, more efficient, cost effective, and agile service structure.”

Modern Service Management is meant to focus on people, collaboration, and relationships, not just technology and processes.

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