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The Power of Provance IT Service Management and Office 365™: Take Advantage of Word and Excel


Why should you reinvent the wheel? You can easily gain efficiency across teams, leveraging your investments, while also improving the end user experience just by simply using tools that are familiar to most: Microsoft’s Word and Excel. We know that for you process is paramount. The ITIL®  PinkVerify™ certified Provance IT Service Management solution natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and Office 365™, letting you build on the familiar while also keeping it all together.

Integration with Excel

You can use the Excel advanced tracking, reporting and visualization capabilities to now analyze and report on change requests, service requests, incidents or even assets—without ever leaving Provance ITSM. You no longer need to export, manipulate and then import a separate Excel file, instead, you can open the file in Excel online, without ever leaving Provance ITSM, and easily save changes and calculations back in as you work or once you’re finished. Since the links between Excel and Provance ITSM are always maintained, once you have charts and tables set-up, you can easily update them with the most recent set of data, without having to spend time recreating anything. You can create Excel templates – for yourself or for others to use – that will automatically refresh with real-time data once opened, ensuring you have the most-up-to-date data at all times for instant analysis when needed.

Reviewing data in bulk, such as the response times for key accounts, or reporting bulk information to key internal stakeholders, such as the finance department, is also so much easier. Below, as an example, we’ve taken a screenshot of step one in creating an excel report template from the Active Assets dashboard (Asset Management is a feature of Provance IT Service Management).

Active Assets Create Excel Template View


The Excel templates can also be applied across several accounts or for a single account. For example, in the screenshot below, we’ve used an Excel template to easily and quickly pull together a report on how many incidents and service requests a single account had within a week.

Excel Template SLA Status


For better analysis, you can also use the Excel customizable charting capabilities to embed and visually represent statistics within dashboards, such as what is illustrated below on the Service Dashboard. 

Customer Service Analysis Power BI


Integration with Word

Whether you are providing internal IT, General Service Workloads or you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s more important than ever to show the value of the services that you provide to external or internal stakeholders. You can leverage the easy-to-use Word Template features to create and edit documents, such as customized reports or invoices, that will pull information directly from Provance ITSM. 

You can also use Dynamics workflow processes to set up the Word templates to auto-generate with a pre-defined frequency and deliver the document to SharePoint along with a link to a specified recipient. So, for example, Asset Managers can create a template for POs, pulling the information directly from Provance IT Service Management and auto-sending the document to SharePoint for approval before dispatching it to an outside supplier.

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