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ServiceTeam ITSM: 2 Ways ServiceTeam ITSM Brings Focus Through Visibility

You cannot measure what you don’t see. What you cannot see you cannot fix.

One of the greatest benefits of developing on the Power Platform is that we were able to build ServiceTeam ITSM with maximum flexibility. It’s incredibly easy to configure, collect information and report on that information. Whether utilizing ServiceTeam’s built-in dashboards and charting or by leveraging our Power BI reporting capabilities, ServiceTeam gives you the power to clearly understand what’s going on. But with all that visibility, you can run the risk of losing sight of the forest through the trees.

We engineered ServiceTeam ITSM to bring focus through visibility. Visibility of all the elements involved in service management is available through the configuration management database (CMDB). The CMDB (Microsoft Dataverse) is where we house all the details needed to answer questions, such as the following:

  • Who is the customer?
  • Is this customer entitled to receive services? If so, how? Under contract? Warranty? Time & Materials?
  • Which specific users are involved?
  • Whose approval will be required to confirm successful completion of any work performed?
  • What hardware are they using?
  • What specific software are they running?
  • What have you been called upon to do with this installation previously?
  • What changes did our previous actions create?
  • What interactions has this user had with our support organization previously?

Visibility of such information is truly your most vital tool when servicing customers. ServiceTeam ITSM provides this focus. And the ease with which you can obtain this information can be the difference between rapid resolution that prompts high customer satisfaction, or excessive delay which disappoints and potentially loses customers.

So, here are two ways that we provide focus through visibility in ServiceTeam ITSM.

Operational Visibility

Any service organization consists of a variety of technical resources who spend their days performing a variety of requested services for customers. Those customers are very interested in having the work performed come to a successful completion, which makes that a priority for the service provider.

The element that assures such successful completion of the work is the coordinator who has visibility into everything every resource is working on. This may be a service manager, a dispatcher, a team leader. The title matters far less than the fact that all the information this coordinator requires is quickly and readily available to them so they can always see what should be happening at any given moment and can therefore go about confirming that everything is indeed happening as it was planned, and as it should be. On many occasions, a service provider in the field may require information to help them effect the services they are performing. They, too, should be able to obtain such information easily from the CMDB.

Any member of upper management wishing to see the current condition of their ITSM operations should be able to obtain a single report that details every service being performed, which customers are affected, how far it has progressed, and what is required to complete it, and by when. All of this information is in the CMDB and the service management system.

We engineered ServiceTeam ITSM with built-in dashboards, charts and views that provide  real-time information so managers and team members can make the right decisions with the most recent information.

Performance Visibility

Truth is often hidden in the data, and we can use Power BI to make it visible so we can make better decisions based on it. Which is why the ServiceTeam ITSM built-in integration to Power BI makes performance reporting so much easier. Analysis is a breeze when you’re able to aggregate data and drill into the details. Understanding productivity, forecasting and trending ensures you’re getting the best performance out of your team.

A simple example can be found in comparative performance reporting. You have a team of several technical resources servicing your customers. Each day they are given a list of the day’s assignments. If one service agent consistently takes longer to resolve tickets than the others, you may have a problem with that individual person. It may be time to ask what they are doing and get a better understanding of the root cause of the delay.

Of course, the delay could be because they are performing slower or it could be that they are providing better customer service than others, which ultimately may lead to greater customer satisfaction. But without that data being made visible to you, it would be difficult to understand what is happening exactly in your environment. Thus, that visibility is crucial in building the best possible service team.

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