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General: The Power of Provance IT Service Management and Office 365: Take Advantage of OneNote and SharePoint

There’s no question that change requests, problem management and incident handling can get very complicated. Why not simplify it by using OneNote® and SharePoint®? The ITIL® PinkVerify™ certified Provance IT Service Management solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (Dynamics CRM) and natively integrates with Office 365™.
You can increase productivity by keeping important resources together while also improving team collaboration and user experience by building on what people already know and use—because it’s all embedded right within Provance ITSM.

OneNote is a simple and easy-to-use collaboration tool that allows for the quick and flexible storage of information. The Provance ITSM integration with OneNote allows you to share notes across teams, embed pictures, videos, Excel files and Visio diagrams, record meetings, or even send notes to yourself via email.

Some examples of how to leverage OneNote:

  • Automatically create shareable OneNote documents for each change request, which can be amended and added to by various individuals.
  • Keep easily searchable and shareable notes when resolving incidents – so if you or someone else is ever confronted by the same issue again, you don’t have to figure out the solution from scratch.
  • Use voice recording feature of OneNote to capture Change Advisory Board meetings.

The integration with Provance ITSM makes using OneNote unbelievable simple because it automatically associates any object (customer, incident, change request etc.) right within the Activities pane.

OneNote Integration with Provance ITSM

SharePoint also works hand-in-hand with OneNote, every file associated within a OneNote notebook is actually stored on SharePoint. Centralized document management with SharePoint makes it easy to store and share documents across teams, giving you more control over who sees and can edit the documents. Once SharePoint is enabled, folders are automatically created and documents can be associated by change request, service request, incidents or by account. SharePoint can also be used to store documents relevant to all employees at the company, helping the company maximize its investment in the Office 365 solution.

And for those times when you need collaboration from people who don’t have access to Provance ITSM or to a specific account within, you can take advantage of Office 365 Groups – a shared workspace for notes, emails, documents and calendars. Once set up, group members can access either through Provance ITSM if they have the right permissions or through their own Office 365 account if they do not or should not have access. All members can easily share and collaborate, and all information automatically synchronizes with Provance It Service Management. For example, below is a screenshot of a shared workspace we’ve created for a change request.

Office Groups integration with Provance ITSM

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