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ServiceTeam ITSM: 4 Big Reasons ServiceTeam® ITSM is better than Case Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a well-established discipline that enables an organization to maximize value from the use of information technology, for example, by tracking incidents and so on, based on prescribed processes and best practices. Case management for IT, on the other hand, is a set of processes and features designed to support incidents, called cases. Sound similar? To the untrained ear they do, but IT Service Management goes far beyond case management, in fact, our flagship ITSM solution, ServiceTeam® ITSM Power Apps are purpose built and help IT streamline processes, lower operational costs and please the customer. Below, I outline four reasons ServiceTeam ITSM is better than Case Management.

As an ITSM Solution, ServiceTeam is Designed for Your Needs First

Case management solutions are designed to support incidents, referred to as cases, which track issues that arise from customers. It is generic and can be applied to all manner of “customer service scenarios”. Commonly, this is external facing customer service scenarios and citizen engagement – what day does the trash get picked up, or how do I place a warranty claim for the classic vinyl player that won’t spin my discs. And well, that’s about it. An ITSM solution, on the other hand, does so much more because a standard IT department, and a growing number of other business departments, need so much more.

First, ServiceTeam lets you not only manage incidents, but service requests, problems and changes too, which is significantly different than simply managing a case or customer incident. Case management doesn’t comprehend anything beyond the incident, but ServiceTeam, for example, can relate an incident to a service for improved understanding of the impacts on issues. Second, ServiceTeam is built with ITIL best practices in mind. ITIL is the most widely used ITSM framework to achieve efficiency and predictable service levels. Case management, of course, doesn’t let you rely on industry-wide ITSM best practices, putting you at a significant disadvantage to your competitors who probably do. Third, ServiceTeam has built in Service and Request catalogs, which is at the center of Service Portfolio Management and Request Fulfillment. Finally, ServiceTeam has a CMDB, which supports configuration and device management.

Your Time is Money, ServiceTeam Lets You Get the Job Done Efficiently

Sometimes how well your IT department runs can make or break the profitability of your company. That’s why ServiceTeam is designed with known processes, features and functionality that can save you time and money. These features either don’t exist in an average case management solution or are available on a limited basis.

Whether you are a Managed Service Provider or not, you can take advantage of ServiceTeam’s advanced SLA capabilities. We engineered our SLA feature for SLAs, OLAs, and Underpinning Contracts, and to work for ITSM and ITIL type scenarios rather than general customer service type scenarios. You can apply SLAs based on ticket types, services, products, accounts and contacts. Of course, SLAs ensure that your team is delivering on service level expectations, whether those customers are external or internal.

Ticket Templates let you get the information you need to get the job done efficiently at the beginning of the process. ServiceTeam lets you apply standardization and automation to ticket processing, speeding up the process of resolution. Ticket Templates can apply to specific accounts, products, ticket types, and support automation and triggers, reducing manual efforts and mistakes, resulting in improved service and data quality.

We know that automation is a key to IT success. In the world of IT, there are many repetitive requests, tasks and activities that can be more cost-effectively handled with an automation. ServiceTeam Automation Streams is codeless, letting you easily configure complex workflows that involve many activities and use a combination of manual tasks and automation calls—without having to code. Moreover, Automation Streams let you deploy touchless service requests, which only notify you if there’s an issue or error.

ServiceTeam Gathers and Puts Key Information at Hand

To increase efficiency and reduce costs, we designed ServiceTeam to put pertinent information in the hands of end-users, whether they’re your Service Agents, Managers or customers.

ServiceTeam provides your customers with a self-service portal with advanced capabilities not found in other case management solutions. For example, you can create a request catalog, which allows customers to choose from common request offerings right from the self-service portal. ServiceTeam also lets you populate ticket templates with dynamic, pre-planned questions and answers, so your service agents get the information they need right from the start. ServiceTeam also lets you configure incidents and service requests to trigger touchless automations, thereby speeding up the process of resolving common incidents and service requests. Moreover, to understand the status of the incident or service request, the customer needs only to come to the self-service portal and view the status, all the information is right there, at their fingertips.

ServiceTeam also puts key metrics in the hands of service desk agents and managers through data collection and built-in Power BI out-of-the-box reports. With ServiceTeam, you can easily track a ticket through its lifecycle, understand agent effectiveness, perform historical analysis, analyze pipeline and trending, and more.

Since We Understand Your World, So Does ServiceTeam

With many years as a Microsoft ISV partner, we know how important it is to streamline operations to stay competitive, while keeping customers more than satisfied, which is why we built the Provance Services Platform for data integrations. The Provance Services Platform lets ServiceTeam seamlessly connect to your data ecosystem, providing you with painless, in-depth integrations to the technologies you depend upon. Using the power of Microsoft Dataverse, ServiceTeam creates a comprehensive CMDB, which allows you to have a 360 degree view of your services and configuration items. Take advantage of a range of out-of-the-box gateways—to Azure Monitor, Azure DevOps, Azure InTune, Power BI, Jira, SolarWinds, System Center (SCCM, SCOM) and more to support discovery, event management and keep the CMDB accurate and automatically updated.

I hope you’ve been sold on why ServiceTeam is better than case management.

Now I’d like to sell you on why you should try ServiceTeam ITSM Power Apps. Watch our Webcast: Provance ServiceTeam ITSM – Modern, Flexible ITSM born in the Microsoft Power Platform Read about the benefits and capabilities of ServiceTeam. Read our blog post: 7 Reasons You Should Buy Software Rather Than Build It. 


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