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How To: The Power of Provance IT Service Management and Office 365: Take Advantage of Skype for Business (now Microsoft Teams)

The widespread use of digital technology is not only transforming the way we engage with each other, but also changing our expectations regarding what is considered good service. Rising customer expectations are now creating a new service-driven economy. Regardless of whether your customers are internal or external, it is now more important than ever that IT meets end user expectations of service delivery. Provance IT Service Management is powered by Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and integrates natively with Office 365, which lets you use familiar tools to boost productivity and the end user experience. And with Skype for Business, you can easily take advantage of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, screen sharing and more, helping you to deliver better service.

If you leverage the Skype for Business connection, you can call or message someone right from an active incident and immediately start chatting about the incident. Before reaching out, you can also check to see if the other person is available or not, availability being color-coded. The screenshot below shows the Active Incidents view with people’s availability displayed.

Of course, the accounts you service may not all have Skype for Business installed, if that is the case, you can still use Skype to call and you only have to simply click the number for Skype to dial for you. And to make things even easier, while Skype is dialing, the specific account’s Activities Pane will pop-up, so you can readily input notes while the call is taking place.

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